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Synonymous with rural Argentina, estancias provide a fascinating cultural insight into deep-rooted traditions and a romantic but hardy way of life. Dotted all over the country, why not feature a visit to one of our carefully selected properties for an unforgettable experience. Some estancias offer the pinnacle in luxurious relaxation, with exquisite service and spa facilities, whilst others are more geared towards activities and specifically horseriding excursions. Whichever estancia chosen, you will be sure to receive a warm welcome, delicious home-cooked food, excellent service and most importantly an authentic farmhouse experience.   

It´s hard to think of a more refreshing and rewarding experience than discovering a new destination on horseback. As horse lovers and riders ourselves, we fully understand the paramount importance of only working with the very best horses and guides for any horseback excursions. With a range of popular destinations for day and multi-day trips across the country, we carefully source well looked after and responsive horses from respected suppliers. Whether or not any prior riding experience is required depends upon the specific excursion that your clients are interested in.

Some estancias have their own polo facilities, however we are also able to organise polo courses at private clubs for a range of ability levels, either in Buenos Aires or further afield if necessary. For those just wanting to spectate, we also arrange trips to watch tournaments or training sessions, either for individuals wanting an evening out or as a more formal corporate sponsored event.   

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