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About H&T

"High quality service together with bespoke product to provide unique experiences"

​H&T began life in 2005 specialising in providing top quality horseback rides and polo experiences for an eclectic range of discerning clients from around the world. Founded by Jose Jimenez del Toro, from Buenos Aires, the scope of the company soon grew wider than solely horse riding, and H&T are now a full service destination management company, creating & managing travel arrangements throughout Argentina for leading tour operators and also individuals from all over the world.


Co‐owner Roger Frost hails from across the Atlantic in the UK and brings experience from having worked in many areas of the travel industry here in Argentina, elsewhere in Latin America and also in Europe. Together with Jose, they both have a long history of organising travel logistics in a creative and reliable manner for an impressive portfolio of highly respected clients. This leadership combination is at the heart of what makes H&T your perfect partner on the ground in Argentina. The head office team is comprised of dynamic and enthusiastic travel professionals, fluent in English and ready to assist at every step of the way.  

Honest and thorough advice is on hand whenever required, and communication is always prompt and accurate. Working with a team of trusted service providers and expert local guides, H&T are small enough to dedicate time to each client and help them grow, but also influential in terms of their reach and market presence. All hotels are regularly inspected so you can rest assured that standards are maintained and competitive rates are provided.

In addition to specialising in tailor made itineraries for both groups and individual tours, ´FlyDrive Argentina´ was launched in 2010 as a new product born from Jose´s passion for motorbikes and Roger´s road trip experiences in the region. Ideally suited to the wide open roads of Argentina, self-drive (and also guided) road trips on four wheels (or two) have proven to be extremely popular!


If you have any questions at all about H&T or our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jose Jimenez del Toro

Financial Director

Roger Frost

Sales & Product Director


Your clients are never just a booking number to us. They are our guests in Argentina, and they have the run of the house.



Of course we know the best way to do the highlights, but we are inspired by helping guests find their own hidden gems.



Ultra competitive hotel and tour rates, and transparent pricing with fully itemised itinerary quotes.



Of course we offer immediate & same day replies but we also try to predict what you are going ask before you ask it, to save that extra email.


Quality Control

We all rely on repeat business & word of mouth and won’t sell a product if is not good enough, period.


Sustainable Growth

We grow by helping our clients to grow, not by constantly trying to get more & more new clients. Quality not quantity.



We employ responsibly, carefully select our local partners, & contribute positively to Argentina’s  social, environmental and financial well being.



Guests can speak to native German & English speakers when something goes wrong. Nothing gets lost in translation.


Why choose us?

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