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> The city of Salta
> Quebrada de Humahuaca
> El Cafeyate vineyards
> Salt Flats
> Andean Villages

Season: All year round, best May - Sept

Getting there: Daily flights from BA to Salta, with connections to Iguazu. 2 hour drive to Jujuy. 

South America´s hidden gem of a destination. Ask an Argentinean which part of their country they think is the most stunning and many will name the northwest regions of Salta and Jujuy. In terms of international tourism they have long been overlooked in favour of Patagonia or northern Chile, however word is slowly spreading about the incredible beauty that this corner of the country has to offer, and rightly so!

Ideal for road trips due to the close proximity of highly contrasting natural and cultural attractions, our Fly Drive program is perfectly designed to visit the region. Wine lovers should include a visit to Cafayate in the south of Salta Province, where Malbec and other varieties are grown at high altitude giving a distinctive regional taste. Further north in Jujuy Province you´ll discover otherworldly rock formations in the many gorges and valleys that give the lanscape its highly distinctive character. Not to forget the Andean high plateau where glistening white salt flats indicate the high passes in to Chile and Bolivia.

Andean culture is abundant and easily accessible villages are scattered all over the region. The pace of life is slower up here and the empanadas as tasty as they get!

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Salta & Jujuy

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