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Season: All year (summer Dec - March)

Getting there: International flights to BA. Some estancias located only 45 minutes by car from the city, others several hours away. 

Travel just a short distance from downtown Buenos Aires and you enter a whole new world. The pampas, or plains, are a paradise of peace and tranquility. The endless horizon is broken only by the occasional cluster of trees, or by a gaucho astride his horse, rounding up a herd of cows. Argentina is known worldwide for the agricultural richness of its pampas, which were crucial in the development of the country during the 19th and 20th century. Most of the crops and meat that are exported by Argentina are produced on the estancias and farms of the area known as 'Pampa Humeda', and this vast and diverse region maintains to this day a vital role in the development of the national and even global economy. As a secondary source of income supporting the main economy of agriculture, many properties have opened up to tourism, and so there are several excellent estancias where you can ride horses, relax and perhaps even learn to play polo.

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Las Pampas

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