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Another reason to visit our vast and varied country is to come and see our wildlife. Whilst large regions of Argentina are sparsely populated in terms of both people and animals, there are certain destinations which have a lot to offer for wildlife enthusiasts.


The main destinations where we regularly operate marine wildlife-themed excursions are Peninsula Valdes and Bahia Bustamente, both located on the eastern Atlantic coast of Chubut Province in southern Argentina. Read more about Peninsula Valdes here. Tours are seasonal so contact our expert travel team for details.


In terms of birdwatching, we can arrange trips to the Patagonian Andes, or to the Esteros de Ibera wetlands in the northern province of Corrientes, home to an abundance of wildlife and hundreds of bird species.


We work with expert local guides in each location who each possess a wealth of knowledge on specialist topics, and we are careful to only work with environmentally responsible organisations. In terms of accommodation options we usually recommend eco-lodges for centre-based retreats.

Don´t forget to pack your camera! Our wildlife excursions go hand in hand with all things photography related. You´ll find that our guides, relaxed itineraries, and beautiful settings all lend themselves perfectly to creating an environment conducive for taking wonderful pictures!  

Contact us for more info!  

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