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Season: Oct - April

Getting there: Daily flights from BA to El Calafate. 5 hour drive across border to Torres del Paine.

Crossing the Andes towards the Pacific, one of the finest natural attractions in Chile has to be Torres del Paine National Park. Here you´ll find rewarding treks that lead you through a mystical land beneath towering granite towers and through wooded valleys. Just like the other side of the border in Argentina you can expect to see Patagonian wildlife such as foxes, condors, rhea and guanacos. If you are very lucky then you may even spot a puma, there are several families that live within Torres del Paine N.P. and excursions specifically looking for pumas can be arranged.


The W Trek is the main appeal of visiting the national park, which can be completed in 3 or 4 days either in one trek or in sections. We can book accommodation and expert guides based on day trips from any of the periphery hotels, or point-to-point treks using refugios or campsites. The Circuit trek is more comprehensive and typically takes 9 or 10 days.


Many people choose to simply stay in one of the hotels, of which several are very good, and enjoy the lowlying viewpoints at their own pace unguided. The recent boom in appeal of Torres del Paine has unfortunately meant that prices have been increasing significantly and bookings need to be made quite a long time in advance.  

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Torres del Paine (Chile) 

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