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Ask someone what things they love most about Argentina, and it is highly likely that wine will be mentioned as will the food. Okay, let´s face it when we talk about Argentine food it is normally just the meat that is being praised! Of course we have strong Italian and Spanish influences in our cuisine which is especially present in Buenos Aires, and the ubiquitous empanadas that come in an array of delicious regional varieties, however our pride and joy is the quintessential "asado".

We organise visits to the astonishing cattle trade markets of Buenos Aires, cookery classes, and asado (Argentine barbeque) experiences for groups or individuals. Beef here is world renowned and we think that it lives up to its grand reputation!

Argentina is one of the world´s top wine producers, known for the signature malbec grape grown all along the Andean steppe. The average growing altitude here is 900m above sea level, 3 times higher than the European average and a significant contributing factor to the delicious rich flavours. ​

Mendoza province is our most important wine producing region, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the national production, with Cafayate in Salta province as the second most significant growing location. Other regions of note are La Rioja, San Juan, Catamarca, and Neuquén in northern Patagonia. 

At H&T we know our wines! If you would like to include a vineyard tour and tasting session within your itineraries, then we´ll guide you through the most suitable locations and options to find the perfect wine experience for you. 

Contact us for more info!  

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